S.M.I.L.E. Policies


Midterms and Final exams are required for the LHS Credit Recovery and Advancement Credit classes.

Students MUST BE PRESENT to take each exam in order to receive credit for the course.

Attendance & Tardy Policy

Credit Recovery and Advancement students are permitted to miss one day of school or accrue 30 minutes of tardies before credit is lost. Students who exceed these limitations will not receive credit for the course or a tuition refund.

State Testing

Advancement/Remediation Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II must sit for a summer administration of the NJSLA. The NJSLA is a TWO section test. Students must be available for BOTH sections during this time to sit for the NJSLA Administration. If a student is unavailable, no credit will be awarded for the course.

All students in grade 9 will be required to take the NJSLA regardless of course.

Student Behavior

Students are to follow the student handbook for behavior throughout the program. Failure to comply with the rules will be expelled immediately with no credit or refund. This includes camera's on at the teacher's request and technology issues. Technology issues must be notified to the teacher and resolved by the next class.

Students are not permitted to leave school grounds during breaks. Students who are late in returning from their break will be counted as tardy.

Financial Aid

Reduced fees will be available for qualified parents based on need.

Documentation will be required.

Cancellations & Refund policy

Made before the program begins will be refunded full tuition minus the registration fee.

On the first day of the program is subject to half tuition reimbursement minus the registration fee.

After the completion of the first day, no reimbursement will be refunded

Payments that are not completed will be put in as a fine for the student and will not be allowed to participate in the program after the first week of the program.