Middle School Fundamentals

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This course is where key concepts are taught to build and reinforce mathematical skills in preparation for the upcoming school year.  

This is not a course for advancement.  For students who wish to learn math for the upcoming year, the fundamentals is preview of the upcoming year curriculum.  It is an introduction to the course.  Performance in the Fundamentals courses do not result in acceleration or changes in mathematics placement.

From grades 6 through 8

Fundamental courses are four weeks (8:00 am-11:00 am) 


School Closed for holiday 7/4 - 7/5

Fundamentals: (No NJLSA testing for these courses)

Math 6 Math 7 Math 8

 Fundamentals is strongly encouraged for students who receive a D in the course.

Student Cost for Remediation courses:

Tuition rate 2024: $425 per session *

* Financial assistance is available. Families must be classified by their home resident district for receiving free or reduced meals.   Documentation may be requested.

Non-refundable registration $50 fee per student is included in price.  

Multi-student discount available for Leonia and Edgewater residents.

Families registering more than one student are eligible for a discount:

2 Students:  10% discount will be applied to the total SMILE cost.

3 Students:  15% discount will be applied to the total SMILE cost.

Attendance & Tardy Policy

Students who have failed math during the school year are permitted to miss one day of school or accrue 30 minutes of tardies before credit is lost. Students who exceed these limitations will not receive credit or a tuition refund.

All classes are subject to adequate enrollment. In the event of insufficient enrollment, the class will be cancelled and the tuition fees will be refunded.

Cancellations and Refunds