Advancement Courses

For rising 7th through 11th graders

June 30 through July 28

7/5 will be a holiday.

NJSLA TESTING - 7/29 (Subject to change due to NJ DOE)

Students looking to advance:

Students must take offered courses through SMILE if the course is offered by the program.

Alternative options are provided only if SMILE does not offer the course.

Advancement is four weeks (8:00 am-2:45 pm)

Includes a 45 minute lunch break

(no lunch will be provided)

Advancement courses available

College Prep:

Algebra I (NJSLA testing)*


Algebra II (NJSLA testing)*

Geometry (NJSLA testing)*

For LMS Advancement, a student must take Algebra to move to Geometry 8.

LMS students who do not meet required grades will be placed based on course performance.

NJSLA testing is required to earn credit for all advancement students.

    • LHS and LMS students: In order for students to advance to the next Honors level course, students must earn a final course grade of at least an 80.

    • Pending approval from Guidance, students who score below 80 may continue advancement but only at the CP level; students must meet with their counselor to discuss their options.

    • Example: Geometry Honors grade of a 75 will allow a student to advance only to Algebra II CP, no overrides are available.

    • LHS Students: Final Grade will be calculated into GPA as an honors course unless notified of changing their status to auditing.

    • Students currently enrolled in grade 7 are eligible for advancement from Math 7/Portfolio 7 to take advancement in Algebra to move onto Geometry 8 for 8th grade.

    • Current 7th grade LMS Students rising to 8th grade cannot take Geometry H to advance. The course can only be taken as audit.

All grades are based on assessments that include midterms and finals.

Out of district students must refer to their own district guidelines for advancement credit.

NJSLA - Math Testing

*All courses for advancement and credit recovery in Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II (all levels) must sit for the summer administration of NJSLA-Math per NJDOE requirements. If a student is unavailable to sit for NJSLA-Math, no credit will be awarded for the course and the student cannot receive advancement or recovery for the course they are enrolled in. Summer NJSLA-Math administration dates are 7/29*.

(Dates are subject to change due to the NJ DOE)

Student Cost for Advancement:

Leonia & Edgewater Resident cost: $900 per session *

* Reduced fees will be available for qualified parents based on need.

Non-Resident cost: $900

Non-refundable registration $50 fee is included in price. Payment of the registration fee will reserve your seat.

Multi-student discount available for Leonia and Edgewater residents only.

Families registering more than one student are eligible for a discount:

2 Students: 10% discount will be applied to the total SMILE cost.

3 Students: 15% discount will be applied to the total SMILE cost.

Payment and cancellations:

Registration is only complete with a $50 fee. Seating will not be confirmed until the $50 registration fee has been paid.

Payments must be made before the program begins. Students will not be awarded credit and/or be permitted to participate until payment has been made.

Students will not earn credit for Recovery or Advancement and/or may not be allowed to join the program if payment is not received. Each day missed will count as an absence.



Made before the program begins will be refunded full tuition minus the registration fee.

On the first day of the program is subject to half tuition reimbursement minus the registration fee.

After the first day, no reimbursement will be given.

Before registering:

  • You must speak to your counselor or Mathematics Supervisor about which course to take.